New York Knicks Could Be The Next Destination For Luka Doncic, Says Jay Williams

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Fadeaway World 

Fadeaway World 

The recent Dallas Mavericks drama has shocked the NBA. Following a couple of curious decisions, the Texans team went from being a model franchise to a possible mess after parting ways with GM Donnie Nelson and head coach Rick Carlisle. 

These decisions have opened the door for rumors, speculation, and more. Now that things aren't so happy at the American Airlines Center, fans and analysts wondered if Luka Doncic will stay with the team for a long time. Some of them even claim that the Slovenian player could be living his last moments with the organization. 

ESPN's Jay Williams, for example, dropped the New York Knicks' name as a possible destination for the 22-year-old. This isn't new for the guard, but given the current state of the Mavericks, more people think Luka could be out of Dallas soon. 

“Earlier in the year I said New York could be a potential opportunity [for Luka] and people killed me for it. It’s feasible,” Williams argued on his “Keyshawn, JWill & Zubin” show Thursday, via the New York Post

“There are feasible scenarios, where you start looking at, where will Luka want to go and build if it doesn’t work out in Dallas,” Williams continued, noting that “New York isn’t the only option.

“But I will say there’s a lot of rumblings, and [Mavericks owner] Mark Cuban needs to put water on that fire.”

The relationship of Doncic and Rick Carlisle suffered some changes this season, with tensions growing between the pair. Many believe this played a significant role in Carlisle's decision of not returning next year. Luka wasn't happy with the departure of Donnie Nelson, either, explaining how hard it was for him to learn that the man who drafted him won't be part of the franchise. 

“It was kind of tough to me. I really like Donnie,” Doncic said Thursday during a press conference with his Slovenian national team.

“I know him since I was a kid and he was the one that drafted me. It was tough for me seeing that, but I’m not the one making decisions there,” the 22-year-old explained. 

The Mavericks find themselves in a very difficult position right now. This could be the beginning of the end of the Doncic's era in Dallas unless they make some big changes. The Slovenian earned plenty of criticism this season from people unhappy with his attitude towards referees, rivals and even coaches. 

This will be a crucial offseason for the Mavs if they want to keep competing in the Western Conference. Luka won't miss suitors for his services, and that's something that should scare the Mavericks.