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Nick Friedell Says Lakers Made A Mistake By Signing Dwight Howard Over Joakim Noah

(via Los Angeles Times)

(via Los Angeles Times)

Since he signed with the Lakers, nothing but doubt has followed for 33-year-old Dwight Howard. His reputation and aging skill set make him an increasingly risky asset, but he seems dedicated to playing his role and helping the team win.

Nevertheless, some still are not sold on him -- including ESPN analyst Nick Friedell, who said the Lakers would have been better off signing defensive specialist Joakim Noah.

“I don’t have much expectation for Dwight at all. … I’m surprised so much is being made out of it. … Joakim Noah knows his role at this stage of his career. … What have we seen from Dwight?” Friedell said.

To be fair, Friedell has a point. Noah knows where he is at this stage of his career, and wouldn't really have any problems playing a minor role with the Lakers. Dwight has struggled with that in the past.

Still, it seems that Dwight has way more to offer than Joakim. He is a better overall player (especially on offense) and is a year younger. As for mentality, Dwight sounds committed to making the best of the situation. Maybe we should give him one last chance to prove it...