Nick Wright Calls Out Lakers But Warns The Suns: 'Since It's Literally Impossible To Beat LeBron In A Game 7, Phoenix Faces A Must-Win On Thursday Night!'

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Lakers Fans Respond After LeBron James Leads Team To Game 3 Win

The Los Angeles Lakers have their backs against the wall. They're in serious jeopardy of being knocked out of the playoffs and it doesn't seem like they have enough resources to overcome this deficit without Anthony Davis.

The Phoenix Suns are better, stronger, and healthier. They have proven over and over that they're one of the teams to beat, and barring a disaster, they should take care of business on Thursday night if Davis doesn't suit up.

That's why bonafide LeBron James fan Nick Wright had to admit that his pick for last night's game was way off but still claimed that the series is far from over:

"I have to take this one on the chin. I thought LeBron would have a sense of urgency. Schröder had the worst game of his life, ... It was a disaster, everything about it was terrible. However, it is always darkest before the dawn. The series is not over," Wright started.

According to Wright, the Suns need to handle the Lakers at the Staples Center in Game 6 or otherwise, they're just not going to win the series, as no one can beat LeBron in a Game 7:

"Since it's literally impossible to beat LeBron in a Game 7, Phoenix faces a must win on Thursday night!" Wright added.

While we can all agree that James takes his game to a different level when facing elimination, this could be a bit of an overstatement. The Lakers aren't good enough to beat them without Anthony Davis.

Then again, Chris Paul's shoulder injury is worth keeping an eye on, as the Suns will only go as far as he can take them, and perhaps that's the only hope the Lakers can have right now in case Anthony Davis can be ready for a hypothetical Game 7.