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Nick Wright Explains Why LeBron James Is The Best Player In The League And The Greatest Ever

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(via Flipboard)

It seems that every year LeBron James has a case to win MVP. Though the Lakers superstar has only won 4 MVP trophies in 16 years, he is a finalist almost every season thanks to his longevity, consistency, and almost supernatural physicality.

LeBron is still in the MVP race this season, but not everyone is convinced he belongs there. In fact, many have already crowned a new "King" of the NBA: Giannis Antetokounmpo. He is, perhaps, the only player in the league right now who can compete with James as far as brute size and strength go (yes we see you too, Zion).

But to Nick Wright, famous LBJ advocate, there is no questioning James' place at the top of the NBA -- not only today but in all of history.

The most impressive thing about Bron's run this campaign is that he's doing it all in his 17th season, at 35-years-old. Averaging 25.7 points, 10.7 rebounds, and 7.8 rebounds per game for the West-leading Lakers, he's outplaying guys who are younger, in their primes, and coming off some of the best seasons of their careers.

James always seems to find a way to "turn it on" in the most important moments. In back-to-back wins against the Bucks and Clippers this weekend, we saw LeBron at the peak of his powers.

This NBA postseason, we'll likely see it again.

At this age, this stage, who else has had the ability to dominate at this level, if even for certain stretches of a long 82-game season? No matter your feelings on James, you must confess that he is unique in that regard.