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Nick Wright: 'LeBron James Beard Reminds That He Is Old But Bigger, Stronger And Faster'


LeBron James is one of the greatest players of all time. His unique skill set has helped him dominate the league for 17 straight years and he's shown no signs of rust or slowing down any time soon.

And one of the most impressive things about James is his durability. His athleticism has remained intact throughout the years and he continues to take elite care of his body. His diet, exercise, and lifestyle help him preserve his body and stay in elite shape.

But not even LeBron James can fool father time. He's already got some gray hairs on his beard and he's already 35 years old. Even so, the King didn't shave those gray hairs and showed the world his post-quarantine look.

And, according to Nick Wright, that's all intentional. Apparently, James has a 'psychological warfare' mindset right now and that gray beard is his way of reminding everybody in the world that he's still got it at 35 years old.

"Did you see LeBron's beard? ... I think it's intentional to remind all of the young bucks of the league that, 'I might be an old, old man but I'm still bigger, stronger, faster," Wright claimed.

LeBron is having yet another MVP season and is currently leading the league in assists. The Lakers have the best record in the West and are one of the biggest candidates to win the Championship, mostly thanks to him.

You should never count the King out, not even if he already has some gray hairs. He'll make you pay for it.