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Nick Wright Proposes Unexpected Trade Idea: Draymond Green And Young Players For Kevin Durant

Nick Wright Proposes Unexpected Trade Idea: Draymond Green And Young Players For Kevin Durant

It seems like there is no end to the ongoing Kevin Durant trade saga. While his trade request sent shock waves into the community, it seems like the whole trade saga is at a standstill right now with the Brooklyn Nets trying their level best to get the best offer possible for the superstar.

But with the Boston Celtics emerging as a real contender for the KD sweepstakes, the community has become much more active about Durant's future and understandably fans and pundits are busy speculating potential trade packages yet again.

This time it was First Thing First's analyst, Nick Wright, who came up with 5 trade packages for Durant. Among these five was one involving the Golden State Warriors as well.

With Draymond Green, Jordan Poole, Jonathan Kuminga, Moses Moody and the 2027 and 2029 1st round pick packaged in for the Nets, the Dubs would receive KD. Wright certainly added a twist in the package as well angling towards the lingering beef between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green.

“This is what we call pulling a pin on the Draymond grenade… Kevin Durant’s ultimate vindication” 

Given that the package includes 4 players from the roster and 2 first-round picks for a superstar like Kevin Durant, it does sound enticing for the Brooklyn Nets. While they will definitely have players like Jordan Poole and Jonathan Kuminga to build on, this Nets team will be a project rather than a contending team.

The Warriors meanwhile will definitely lose one of their key components, their roster depth with this trade. While getting a player like Durant is always enticing, giving up 2 starters and 2 rotational players and 2 first-round picks might be too ambitious of a trade for any team.

Although this proposed trade might end up working out for both parties, it is highly unlikely that either team pulls the trigger for this move. A move like that of the Boston Celtics, though, is much more feasible with the Nets, as they might end up with two stars in Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown from the get-go. Do you think the Warriors will pull off a trade with the Nets for Kevin Durant?