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Nick Wright Says Kevin Durant And James Harden Reunited To Defeat LeBron James

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Kevin Durant and James Harden are both elite basketball players. Both have won MVP awards during their careers, and they were once former teammates. With James Harden recently being traded to the New York Nets, his former connection with Kevin Durant has been brought up again. It must be fun for two former teammates to play with one another again.

Nick Wright has recently claimed that Kevin Durant and James Harden got together for one reason: beating LeBron James. They have both been beaten by James in their younger days with the Oklahoma City Thunder, and James Harden's Houston Rockets were eliminated by James during the 2020 season.

Nick Wright doesn't seem to think that James Harden moving to the Brooklyn Nets is enough to beat the Los Angeles Lakers if the two were to meet in the Finals. LeBron James is one of the greats of our era, and he has shown the ability to beat a superteam before.

James Harden moving to the Nets means that there are no excuses for them not to win a championship. They teamed up to win: now we get to see whether they succeed or not. Having three superstars on the same team should make the Nets the favorites on paper, but basketball is unpredictable.