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Nick Wright: "The Gap Between The Lakers And The Rest Of The West Is Enormous"

(via Newsweek)

(via Newsweek)

The Los Angeles Lakers have taken over the headlines of late -- and for good reason. With LeBron James reverting back the clock, and Anthony Davis dominating, the Lakers are tied for the best record and are considered the best team in the league.

According to Fox Sports analyst Nick Wright, they are head and shoulders above the competition in the West.

The Lakers are 2nd in field goal percentage, 4th in assists, 1st in blocks, 2nd in defensive rating, 7th in offensive rating, and 5th in opponent field goal percentage.

They are near the top in almost every statistical category and are 3 games ahead of every other team in the standings.

Whether or not this level of play is sustainable, however, is questionable. At 34-years-old, the Father Time clock is ticking for the King. Years of long playoff runs and 16 full seasons have added a lot of mileage to his body.

As for Anthony Davis, he has a long history of injuries, and he has already had multiple this season.

It seems redundant to say that L.A.'s title hopes hang on by a thread. One injury, one single smidge of decline from the King, could derail their chance at contention.