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Nick Wright Suggests A 3-Team Blockbuster Trade: Ben Simmons To Lakers, Russell Westbrook To Pacers, Malcolm Brogdon And Buddy Hield To Nets

Nick Wright Suggests A 3-Team Blockbuster Trade: Ben Simmons To Lakers, Russell Westbrook To Pacers, Malcolm Brogdon And Buddy Hield To Nets

The 2021/22 NBA season is about to end, as we're a couple of days away from the Finals, meaning that everybody but two teams are already working on improving their roster for the next season. Some teams will have to do a bigger job than others after having disappointing seasons, and some of them could help each other improve their ranks. 

The Los Angeles Lakers have been mentioned in many rumors, especially regarding their stars and what could be next for them in the league. Russell Westbrook appears to be the best candidate to leave the franchise after a tumultuous 2021/22 campaign in L.A., and many people are suggesting trades to give him a fresh start somewhere else. 

Fox Sports analyst Nick Wright is the latest one to offer some ideas for the Lakers. The Brooklyn Nets also struggled to get things going this season, and Wright believes they could help one another take their games to the next level. 

During a recent edition of First Thing First, Wright dropped the idea of the Nets and Lakers engaging in a trade with a third team that would involve Ben Simmons and Russell Westbrook:

“What about a different trade for a Net, that hasn’t actually played for the Nets. Rumor is he always wanted to be in Los Angeles. We don’t know if he will ever play for the Nets. And maybe it’s a three-way trade and maybe the Nets do re-up Kyrie, and they say you know what, we are not comfortable having long-term deals in place for Kyrie and Ben Simmons. Two gigantic wildcards. Is there some type of Ben Simmons for Russell Westbrook and some picks out there?”

After Chris Broussard questioned this idea, saying that the Nets couldn't afford to let Simmons and Kyrie Irving go to the same team, Wright explained that the Indiana Pacers could be the team that makes the process easier (1:22):

"Kyrie is there, a third team is involved," Wright replied. "For example, what you're saying about the Pacers. It's [Malcolm] Brogdon and [Buddy] Hield to Brooklyn, Ben Simmons to Los Angeles, and Russell Westbrook and picks from both teams to Indiana. Brooklyn throws in some of them picks they got from Philly, Los Angeles throws in their own picks."

This is a very interesting idea that could relocate Ben Simmons and take him to play with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Westbrook would have a team that he can lead, while the Nets add some pieces that could improve their case for the NBA championship. Indiana keeps adding picks for the future, while they keep developing their young players. 

We have seen several trade ideas over the past couple of weeks, but we won't know what will happen until the offseason starts. The Lakers apparently have plenty of options to deal Westbrook, but the team is reluctant to move him if that means adding more assets to those potential deals.