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Nick Young Explains Why NBA Ratings Are Down

(via Sportsnaut)

(via Sportsnaut)

It's no secret that the NBA is suffering a pretty dramatic drop in viewership this season. Reports indicate that ratings across almost all networks are down.

This reality begs the question: what, or who is responsible?

In a social media Twitter rant, 12-year NBA veteran Nick Young gave his theory as to why the league is taking a big dip.

Young is suggesting that the rating drop is a result of "fun" players being out of the league. Could this be because Young, himself, was considered that type of player?

It is true that watching Lance air guitar and seeing Jamal Crawford break ankles on the court was a lot of fun, and definitely drew in some eyes. But people love watching excellence as well. We want teams to play well, play as a unit, and watch a competitive league fight for the ultimate prize.

No doubt, there are multiple factors playing a role in the NBA's current dillema.