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Nick Young Has A Theory On Why Carmelo Anthony Is Not Yet On An NBA Roster



Things have quieted down tremendously on the Carmelo Anthony front. After a lot of chatter about whether or not he would return, and why it was that he had not yet signed, things have come screeching to a dead silence as the NBA season prepares to kick off in a few more weeks.

Nobody knows what the future might hold for Anthony, but the silence was broken recently, with Nick Young being the latest NBA player to speak up on his behalf. In a chat with TMZ, he explained his reasoning behind the mysterious exile of Carmelo Anthony.

“I think it got a lot to do with Instagram, how he’s being treated. Every time he shoots the ball it’s a meme. It’s kinda funny, but it kinda messed him up,” said Young, per TMZ.

Apparently, he credits Instagram and social media for the destruction of Melo's reputation. Since about 2017, videos of Melo in the gym have become the butt of memes and jokes around the community.

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Great session! Respect to Melo for passing off knowledge to Julius about certain aspects of the game. Julius is ready to have a great season! S/O @tylerrelph10 for the 🔥 work also 🙌🏼 📸 @harrington1313

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So, as we wonder why Carmelo Anthony is absent from the NBA, perhaps we should look at ourselves more than anyone.

People joked, they doubted, and they scoffed at the idea of signing him for years. We called him "washed." NBA GM's were apparently listening to every word.