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Nick Young Hilariously Fires Back At Critics Using His Own Meme

Nick Young Hilariously Fires Back To Critics Using His Own Meme

Nick Young is one of the funniest and most sparking personalities in the NBA world. Although he's a free agent right now, Young's name is always brought up in certain NBA circles. Every now and then the player makes the headlines for his curious takes. Not so long ago he made the case for himself to join an NBA team and this offseason could be the time for him to return to the association.

Young took to Twitter to express his confusion on why coaches said he was a bad shot maker, stating that as long as he makes them, it was a good shot. That was not the best part of it; he made fun of himself using his world-famous memes.

"I never understood when coaches and broadcasters would say im a bad shot maker ... what do that even mean ! ..... how is it a bad shot, if you make them," he wrote on Twitter.

Young was criticized for taking questionable shots during his career, but he never seemed to have a problem with that. It looks like Young was ahead of his time. Right now it's normal to see players taking contested shots, difficult and really long ones before taking an open 3. Young was that kind of player and he was confident in his quality knowing that he could make those shots.

The last time he played in NBA was in the 2018/19 season when he was part of the Denver Nuggets in the 2018-19 and now he's trying to make a return, just like other veterans did during the past campaign.