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Nick Young Offers To Replace Paul Pierce On ESPN: "Aye ESPN Y’all Ready For Swaggy"

Nick Young Says Athletes Should Quit Their Job If They Have A Baby With A 'Gold Digger'

Credit: USATSI

Nick Young is still trying to make a return to the NBA but the guard isn't getting a lot of attention from teams right now. The picture doesn't look that promising for him and the former Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors player is trying to find alternatives.

In the aftermath of Paul Pierce and his crazy Friday night and ESPN firing him a couple of days after he appeared on Instagram Live with a bunch of exotic dancers, Swaggy P is ready to take over from Pierce at the multimedia company, who has an empty spot to fill following Paul's dismiss.

The 35-year-old made the case for himself on Twitter, sending a message to the so-called worldwide leader of sports to consider him an option to fill the void that The Truth's exit left.

"Aye ESPN y’all ready for Swaggy I heard y’all got a job opening lol ...."

This curious 'request' sparked a variety of reactions, with people showing their excitement to see Swaggy P joining ESPN while others weren't convinced he's going to be a good fit with the company.

Young last played in 2019, with the Denver Nuggets. Ever since that moment, he's tried to make a comeback to the association without any luck. Seeing Carmelo Anthony, Isaiah Thomas, and more veterans returning to the league in the prior year, Young could have a chance to return but if not, he could be a good addition to ESPN or any other network looking for former players to become analysts.