Nick Young On Chris Paul: "CP3 You Need To Go Pray... You Not Living Right... Something Somewhere Don't Want You To Win..."

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Chris Paul is one of the best point guards in the game today, and his ability to control the flow of the offense is very heralded. Along with the stellar play of Devin Booker, Chris Paul has been the key to the Phoenix Suns getting to the Western Conference Finals.

While obviously getting there is an achievement, it seems as though Chris Paul may miss some time in the series, as it has been reported that Chris Paul will miss some time due to the guidelines in the Health and Safety protocols. 

To an outsider, it might seem that there is always something that goes wrong in the playoffs for Chris Paul, as he has been injured for crucial games before. Nick Young recently alluded to that fact and suggested that there is an external force out there that just doesn't want Paul to win.

Chris Paul missing games was mostly out of his control. You can't avoid injuries in sports sometimes, and there is no way he could have foreseen that he would be sidelined due to protocol. Hopefully, Paul is able to come back sooner rather than later.