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Nick Young Says Athletes Should Quit Their Job If They Have A Baby With A 'Gold Digger'

Nick Young Says Athletes Should Quit Their Job If They Have A Baby With A 'Gold Digger'

One of the biggest off-the-court stories in the NBA world recently has been that of PJ Washington. The Charlotte Hornets guard has been in the news recently for his familial drama surrounding his son and former partner Brittany Renner.

Washington and Renner began their relationship in 2020, and things seemed to be going really well for the two. The couple even welcomed a son this past May. But recently, the two separated, and have been embroiled in a custody battle since.

Washington revealed that he wasn't able to see his son because of the conflict between the former couple, something that was making him really unhappy. Their custody battle became public very quickly.

Renner has not been shy about making her feelings clear about the situation. So much so, that she even boldly claimed that women who are struggling financially should get together with athletes because 'they're really dumb', something that did not go down well with social media.

Social media has been quick to label Renner a 'gold-digger' - someone who pursues people with the interest of financial gain - because of rumors emerging that Washington was playing a huge sum of money to her for child support. But PJ came out and put an end to these rumors on Twitter.

But now, one former NBA player has stepped in to give his two cents on the situation. Former NBA champion Nick Young took to Twitter to tell people (presumably professional athletes) that they should quit their jobs if they end up pursuing a relationship with a 'gold-digger'. 

While Young didn't explicitly mention Washington, Renner, or their rumored situation, fans were quick to make the connection. Many fans have expressed their sympathy for PJ Washington for getting stuck in this situation.

But there are others who believe that he brought it upon himself. This narrative got further validity when rumors emerged of Washington beginning a relationship with another Instagram model, something fans hilariously and brutally trolled PJ for.