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Nick Young Says He Almost Killed JaVale McGee On A Car Accident

Credit: Open Court Basketball

Credit: Open Court Basketball

What are the odds of running into an NBA player? not that much at all. Let alone two of them getting into a car accident. However, that's what happened to Nick Young and JaVale McGee.

Apparently, the former teammates almost go at it after they nearly crash their cars, as told by Young, who left his vehicle exasperated and ready to give the other driver a piece of his mind, until he realized he was his long-time friend and colleague:

"I almost killed @JaValeMcGee just now .. what are the odds we almost hit each-other driving ... I’m ready to cus someone out in full road rage mode .. he roll down his window Its javale man wtf . we just started laughing. Damn I wish he would’ve hit me I need some cash," Swaggy P tweeted.

Young and McGee go a long way. They shared a rough path on their careers during their stint with the Washington Wizards, one of the worst teams in the NBA back then.

Later on, they'll reunite on the complete opposite side of the league to join the Golden State Warriors, where they became Champions together, so clearly they hold a close friendship that'll now have yet another hilarious story to tell their kids.

It seems like everything around McGee and Young is always funny or kind of bizarre. They're both fan favorites around the league due to their 'memeable' personalities, so if this was going to happen to a couple of NBA players, it definitely had to happen to them.