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Nick Young Says LaMelo Ball Is Already A Top 10 Point Guard In The NBA

Credit: Mary Holt-USA TODAY Sports

Credit: Mary Holt-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Young has always been bold on and off the court and his claims are the biggest proof of that. The former Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors player has always had hot takes and he recently took things to the next level when he claimed LaMelo Ball is already one of the best 10 point guards in the NBA.

He took to Twitter to express his opinion on the young player, delivering big praise for him and his recent performances in the league. He didn't name the other nine, but Young made it clear that LaMelo is one of the 10 best floor generals in the game.

This didn't sit well with some fans and while others went straight to attack the veteran, others actually named their top 10 PGs in the league right now.

NBA Twitter is always waiting for somebody to voice a slightly controversial opinion to go after them but this time they had reasons to contradict Swaggy P and his words. The player has made some questionable comments in recent times and this is another one to the list.

Melo has a big potential and the things he's doing right now only prove that he can be great in the league. However, he's still starting his career and we are yet to see what he will bring to the table.

However, his teammates have admitted that he's had a big impact on the team, changing the mood in the locker room every day. Malik Monk recently praised his teammate not only for his performances on the court but also when they're not playing, as Melo is always trying to cheer his teammates.

"It's amazing, it starts with Melo. He just brightens up the day man. Always saying something crazy, always saying something funny, so that just brings joy to everybody. He always have us laughing. It's always good to play happy."

He's walking in the right direction and if he keeps acting this way, Melo will be one of the best PGs in the league in the future. Right now, that sounds like a reach.