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Nick Young When Michael Jordan Asked Him Where He Learned Fadeaway Shot From Pre-Draft: 'I Was Going To Say Kobe Bryant, But I Was Forced To Say Jordan Because I Wanted Him To Pick Me.'


Ever since he made it to the NBA in 2007, Nick Young has been one of the most controversial and hilarious players. He's out there having fun, mocking people, and trying to have a good time, which hasn't sit well with some people throughout his career.

You can say a lot of things about Nick Young but you can't say that he's not brutally honest. Sometimes, even more honest than he should be.

That's why it didn't come as a surprise to see that he admitted to lying to Michael Jordan during his pre-draft workout with the Charlotte Bobcats just because he wanted the GOAT to pick him in the 2007 NBA Draft:

"He asked me where I learned my fadeaway from,” Young said. "(Michael) Jordan was looking at me dead in my eyes. I was going to say Kobe Bryant, but I was forced to say Jordan at that moment because I wanted him to pick me," he confessed.

Sadly for him, that little lie wasn't enough to convince Jordan to use the Charlotte Bobcats' 8th-overall pick in him, as they ended up taking Brandan Wright instead. Perhaps, Michael was hoping Young fell in the Draft to take him 22nd overall but he was drafted by the Washington Wizards with the 16th overall pick instead.

To be fair, Young told the truth to some extent. Kobe Bryant learned every single one of his moves by mimicking Michael Jordan. He worked in his craft and adopted them as their own, including his signature fadeaway shot. I guess the moral of the story, kids, it's that you should never lie, especially not to Michael Jordan.