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Nicolas Batum Has Signed A 2-Year $22 Million Contract Extension With The Clippers

Nicolas Batum Has Signed A 2-Year $20 Million Contract Extension With The Clippers

Nicolas Batum of the Los Angeles Clippers will remain with the team as they head into a big 2022-23 season. Batum has been solid for the Clippers the last few seasons and plays a very important role on the team with his versatile defense and ability to score. While he was one of the most overrated players in the league a couple of years ago, he has become underrated now.

The Clippers have enjoyed his services a little too much over the last few seasons. As a result, they have gone out of their way to bring Batum back. They declined a smaller team option on his contract to give him more money and the stability of having a two-year contract in place. 

The Clippers will have Kawhi Leonard and Paul George back on the team and hopefully enjoy better health next season as they have to push to an NBA Championship before their current window to contend is over.

This extension is another sign of the Clippers' seriousness to contend. The team is well into the luxury tax with the moves they made last season, like acquiring Robert Covington and Norman Powell, who were already on sizeable contracts. They have signed extensions with Batum and Ivica Zubac while also signing John Wall to the team.

The Clippers are bankrolled by the richest owner in the league and it looks like he is ready to pump as much money as possible into the team while they have a window to become the best in the conference. 

Keeping Batum is a good choice also because he would be a threat to the Clippers on any other team. His strength, length, and scoring ability make him tough on both ends. This is a great decision by the Clippers who are coming fists swinging next season.