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Nike May Have Accidentally Dropped A Huge Hint That Kevin Durant Is Staying With The Warriors

(via Washington Post)

(via Washington Post)

There has been widespread speculation regarding the future of Kevin Durant. As the 10x All-Star prepares to hit free agency this summer, he will have to make a huge decision that will affect not only his playing career but the fate of the entire league.

So far, while some are pretty sure he is bound for New York, most are in the dark about what he will decide for his future.

Did Nike just reveal it to us all?

Twitter user Audel Del Toro found a shirt for sale on Nike’s website that has a list of every city that Durant has played in since high school. At the end of the list, Oakland, CA followed by San Francisco, CA. San Francisco is where the Warriors will be moving next season when they introduce their new arena.

It seems way too suspicious that Nike would print this without some sort of knowledge about where he would be headed. Why not just stop at Oakland?

Nothing has been confirmed yet, and this could just be a mistake by Nike. But with the rumors flying and summer approaching, it will be used as evidence to determine where exactly he will end up when this summer is all said and done.