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Nike May Have Just Dropped A Major Hint That Kevin Durant Is Leaving The Warriors

Kevin Durant

It's the story of the summer: where will Kevin Durant land?

Unfortunately for Golden State fans, the answer is looking less and less like a return to Golden State. In fact, another hint recently dropped that the Golden State star may look to sign elsewhere this offseason.

In a piece by Dalton Johnson's NBC Sports, he takes note of a recent sale by Nike, one that marked a certain jersey at 75% off.

"Does Nike know something we don't know?"

"Kevin Durant jerseys now are 75 percent off. That's a big sale for a superstar who recently won his second NBA All-Star Game MVP and is looking to claim a third consecutive NBA Finals MVP in the next few months," writes Johnson.

“All anyone can talk about with Durant is speculation on where he will play next. And for good reason. Durant went on a nine-day silence with the media following the Knicks’ trade of Kristaps Porzingis, and now it’s been reported Porzingis wasn’t too high on possibly playing with Durant."

Kevin Durant jerseys are apparently 75 percent off -- extremely unusual for a player as good as Durant in as high a market as California.

And since he is partnered with the sports brand, it makes sense that they would know something about where he might be headed this summer. From the outside, this doesn't look like much. After all, it could just be some promotional stunt by Nike.

In the grand scheme of things, however, this isn't the time to be ignoring the small details. And this, no matter how small, could be a real clue as to what might happen this upcoming summer.