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Nike No Longer Allowing NBA Players To Wear Ninja-Style Headband In Games

Credit: Jay Larrananga

Credit: Jay Larrananga

We’ve learned this offseason that Nike is really stubborn with its policies. After the Anthony Davis trade to the Los Angeles Lakers, the manufacturer truncated the Purple and Gold plans to give AD the number 23 jersey that belongs to LeBron James.

Moreover, now the brand is trying to prevent players from using one accessory that became very popular last season.

According to Mike Scott, the multinational, along with the NBA, won’t allow players to wear the ninja-style headband in games. We’ve seen players using regular headbands since always, but last season several players opted to wear the ninja-style one.

They came to that conclusion as they reportedly think this specific headband makes players look ‘unprofessional’.

It’s hard to imagine why they think that, and what is their concept of professionalism when it comes to NBA players. Fans and players love this style, and they don’t seem to have a problem with it. This was so popular last season, and this move won’t be welcomed by fans, and especially players.