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Nike Removes All Houston Rockets Related Products From Their China Webstore

(via Hoops Habit)

(via Hoops Habit)

The backlash continues for the Houston Rockets after Daryl Morey's infamous tweet supporting the protests in Hong Kong. We already saw how the Chinese government along with plenty of companies and the Chinese Basketball League cut their ties with the Rockets, but that’s not the end for the Texans.

Now, Nike has decided to pull the Rockets off its website in China. They had a link with the team’s merch active as of October 6, but it doesn’t work anymore.

This marks yet another company that decides to stop working with the Rockets in China. Things don’t look good for them, as no matter how many apologies they issue, Morey’s tweet has brought a lot of problems for them.

All this backlash doesn’t seem to stop any time soon, so we only have to wonder which company is going to stop working with the Rockets next.