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Nikola Jokic Details Relationship With Jamal Murray: "We're Like A Couple... We're That Close."

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray and the heart and soul of the Denver Nuggets and they have confirmed that during this postseason, returning from back-to-back 3-1 deficits to take the team to the Western Conference Finals when everybody thought and wanted to see a Clippers-Lakers matchup to define the champion of the West. Therefore, when these two showed up and exposed the Clippers, the NBA community went nuts.

They made history twice this postseason, eliminating the Utah Jazz and big favorites Los Angeles Clippers. They are the two best players on the team and they confirmed that on Tuesday night, with Murray dropping 40 points and Jokic recording a triple-double to take the Nuggets past the Clips in yet another great Game 7.

Jokic revealed the secrets behind their success, explaining he talks and fights a lot with Murray, almost like a couple.

"It's not just this season, it is a lot of years. We are just improving. We have talks, we have fights, we are like a couple," Jokic said during the postgame interview.

"Like 'Joker' said yesterday, we played with no pressure," Murray added. "We go out there and hoop, we go out there and believe in each other. We made some shots tonight to get us the 'dub'. It was a collective effort. It's not just a one-two punch. We have a whole squad that can really hoop and get the job done."

The Nuggets now will face the Lakers, hoping to have an easier path than they had in their prior two series. However, that won't be the case and if they once again are 3-1 down, the Lakers won't miss the chance to finish the job.