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Nikola Jokic: "I Used To Cry When Going To Practices."


The path to the NBA is different for every pro-baller.

For Nikola Jokic, that path was more different than most. During the Basketball Without Borders (BWB) camp, Jokic describes how his journey to the ballers life involved a whole lot of tears...

“I wasn’t even interested that much in basketball. I didn’t burden myself with that. As far as these guys go, a lot of them will probably play in the NBA. But I’m a wrong example. I used to cry when going to practices and my father had to keep convincing me.”

Fortunately for Jokic, his Father kept on pushing him

“My dad will suffer the most. He watches my every game. I tell him, if you played something and I had to get up in three in the morning, I wouldn’t get up. I guess that’s the parental love.”

No doubt, things would be much different had Jokic abandoned the game at a young age. As one of the premier young talents in the NBA, it's pretty weird to think that basketball was not something he loved from the very beginning.

And for a kid who didn't even like basketball, he sure has come a long way.