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Nikola Jokic On The Nuggets: "The Whole League Knows We Can't Make A Shot."

Nikola Jokic

As the reigning NBA MVP, Nuggets star Nikola Jokic has already been recognized as one of the best players in basketball. For years now, he has led his team to a respectable position in the West.

This season, despite The Joker's amazing play, the Nuggets have struggled to secure a top seed and currently sit at 6th with a 22-20 record.

Following their blowout loss to Utah on Sunday, a disgruntled Jokic spoke to the media after the game, speaking candidly about the current state of the team.

The Nuggets have actually been hot on offense lately. Before tonight's loss, they logged back-to-back games of 20 or more 3-pointers for the first time in franchise history.

(via The Denver Post)

“It’s not just the threes that we’re making, but what kind of shots are we generating.” Nuggets coach Michael Malone said. "I think the other important part of that is how we’re getting those,” Malone said. “I think the ball movement, 35 assists in back-to-back games, is an incredible number.”

Despite their good shooting of late, the Nuggets are 23rd in the league in points per game (just 107.1) and are just 15th in offensive rating this season.

Needless to say, things haven't gone according to plan, and the absence of Michael Porter Jr. and Jamal Murray no doubt play a big role in their current situation.

Before the seasons began, Nikola JOkic had high hopes about what his team could accomplish.

“Yes, of course,” he said when asked if he feels his club should be in the NBA title conversation, even without Murray. “If everybody buys in and everybody plays the right way, there is a chance, of course.”

“Do we have enough talent? I don’t know," Jokic said. "Are we the best team in the NBA? I don’t know, so we will see. The season is going to show us everything.” 

Now, the Nuggets are just trying to hang on until they get some more help.

In a Conference with the Suns, Warriors, Jazz, Mavericks, and the Lakers, Jokic and his crew are facing an uphill climb and it appears to be really draining the team's morale.

Hopefully, the Nuggets can get some help soon and start being the team we've known them to be for the last couple of years.