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Not Even Shannon Sharpe Can Defend LeBron James Anymore

LeBron JamesLA

You know it's bad when LeBron's biggest fan has something negative to say about him.

When talking on his morning show "Undisputed," Fox Sport's Shannon Sharpe (who is normally a huge LeBron supporter) called out The King for his rather lackluster performance lately.

"Bron's body language when the opposing player makes a shot, dude, it's not the end of the world. Every time the opposing team makes a shot, he's like, "SIGH." Bron, you turning the ball over, too. You can't ask your team to give 2nd and 3rd effort if you don't."

LeBron's body language in the games he has returned from injury has not looked good. He's looked defeated, almost like he's feeling sorry for the situation at hand.

For a guy that's supposed to be the best player in the world, is that an attitude that is really befitting that title? The Lakers need LeBron now more than ever, and only he can help them deliver on the expectations he set for the team when he arrived.

But if it has come down to even his most loyal supporters stringing up some criticism, the post-season may already be out of reach. Undeniably, this version of LeBron James is not the guy we've been so used to seeing these past couple of years.