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Novak Djokovic Asked LeBron If He's Ready To Play One-On-One

Credit: Fadeaway World

Credit: Fadeaway World

Not so often we get to see some superstars of one sport get out of their comfort zones and prove their athletic skills in a different environment. We've seen NFL and MLB players hooping, NBA stars taking at-bats or lining up at wide receiver, etc.

That's why it wouldn't be that crazy to think that we could actually get to watch Novak Djokovic hooping with some NBA superstars, as he's clearly been working on his handles lately.

In fact, the ATP superstar asked LeBron James himself if he thought he was ready to play one on one, to which the King replied by lauding the follow-through on his jump shot and claiming that he was, indeed, ready to hoop:

"Ha! I’m going to say I think you are!! Beautiful follow-thru on that shot buddy!" James replied via his Twitter account.

Needless to say, Djokovic basketball skills are far behind what he's able to do on a tennis court, and he'll likely have a very tough time scoring vs. NBA opposition, let alone LeBron James.

But, as we often see athletes take place in charity events to raise money and hoop, perhaps Djokovic could make an appearance or two in the hardwood in the foreseeable future. In fact, he could even take his talents to next year's All-Star celebrity game. God knows we've seen worse things.

As for LeBron, it seems like the King is in game-shape already, as we've seen some footage and pictures from his latest work out. Apparently, he'll leave no stone unturned in the pursuit for his fourth NBA Championship, the first one with the Los Angeles Lakers. Game recognizes game, from one champion to another.