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Nuggets Coach Mike Malone On Patrick Beverley: “I Don't Listen To Him A Whole Lot. If Kawhi Leonard Was Talking, I Might Listen.”

(via and Yahoo! Sports)

(via and Yahoo! Sports)

Patrick Beverley is hardly the best player on the basketball floor, but he is almost always the loudest. As one of the NBA's premier trash talkers, it is a part of Beverley's game to get under his opponents' skin.

Of course, his playstyle comes with the unfortunate side effect of being disliked by most of the community and it appears that Pat is always the target of some sort of criticism or insult.

Lats night, it was Nuggets coach Mike Malone who spoke ill of Beverley, arguing that he's not good enough as a player to warrant all the attention he so seemingly desires.

Malone's comment was in response to a statement made by Pat, in which he accused Nikola Jokic of being a flopper. While the Clippers point guard wasn't necessarily wrong in that assessment, flopping and "flailing" is a sin almost every player commits, including Beverley himself on many occasions.

It's likely that Pat was just trying to stir the pot and create a distraction, but it doesn't appear that the Nuggets want any part of it.

Perhaps Patrick Beverley should focus on his game on the floor before he worries about trying to flame the other team.