Nuggets Head Coach Mike Malone: "Chris Paul Could Arguably Be The Greatest Point Guard Of All Time.”

Nuggets Head Coach Mike Malone- "Chris Paul Could Arguably Be The Greatest Point Guard Of All Time.”

When talking about the greatest point guards ever, names like Magic Johnson, John Stockton, Oscar Roberston, and even Steph Curry are some of the first to come up.

But in light of recent events, is it time to add a new name to the conversation?

After getting swept by the Phoenix Suns, Nuggets coach Mike Malone made a rather strong and controversial statement about Chris Paul...

It doesn't seem like he has CP3 pegged at #1 just yet, but the fact that he thinks Paul could even get there really says a lot about how much this playoff run means for the veteran star.

Naturally, though, fans weren't so quick to agree with coach Malone's statement:

Obviously, CP3's leadership and playmaking abilities are unparalleled. What he was able to do in OKC and now, in Phoenix, prove the guy is insanely valuable.

Despite a disappointing postseason track record, his resume isn't bad either. Over 15 seasons, he's an 11x All-Star, 9x All-NBA player, and 9x All-Defensive player.

Combine everything he brings to the table, and Paul certainly belongs up there with some of the best. If he wins a championship this season, it will vault him even higher up the list.

But it remains to be seen whether or not the basketball world will ever accept him as the NBA's GOAT point guard.