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NYC Mayor-Elect Eric Adams Comments On Kyrie Irving/COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Situation: "New York Is Not Going To Change Their Rules."

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving was the focus of the news cycle for a while, due to his refusal to get vaccinated for COVID-19. As a result of that decision, he would have been forced to miss home games for the Nets, and the Nets eventually decided that he wouldn't be allowed to be a part-time player, meaning that he is currently not allowed to play any games for the Nets.

There was some hope from people that with the new incoming mayor Eric Adams, that NYC would lift the vaccine mandate, which would allow Kyrie Irving to resume playing for the Brooklyn Nets.

However, those hopes were squashed by Eric Adams himself today, who stated that NYC is "not going to change their rules". He further added that it's up to Kyrie Irving and the league to figure out a solution.

New York is not going to change their rules. It’s up to the NBA and Kyrie Irving to work something out.

It remains to be seen how this situation will develop, and whether Kyrie Irving will eventually end up taking the COVID-19 in order to play in the league again. As of now though, he hasn't yet returned to the team. The Brooklyn Nets have a 6-3 record thus far, and even with James Harden not playing like last season, they've been a solid team due to Kevin Durant's excellence. 

Hopefully, we see the Brooklyn Nets and Kyrie Irving come to a solution sooner rather than later. Kyrie Irving sitting out isn't good for the team, but it is also depriving him of playing basketball, a sport that he loves and is amazing at. Kevin Durant has previously stated that he envisions Kyrie Irving being part of the team, and hopefully, that becomes a reality at some point in the future.