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OKC Wanted To Form A Superteam


When Kevin Durant ditched Oklahoma City in favor of the Golden State Warriors, it marked the complete separation of their once famed "Big Three."

James Harden was in Houston, KD had joined the Warriors, and Russ was left to repair what was left of the franchise.

With the 2018/19 campaign nearing, things have looked up for OKC since the departure of Durant years ago. Though, from the lips of KD himself, the Thunder could've been much better off.

According to Durant, the team had called up Devin Booker back in 2015 in an effort to get him in a Thunder jersey.

“We called Devin Booker,” Durant revealed on The Bill Simmons Podcast. “We wanted Devin Booker in OKC. I wanted him.”

A team of Booker, Russ and Durant would have literally shaken the league. Not only would they likely have won the Chip back in 2016, but it might've been enough to keep KD away from Oakland. The possibilities would've been truly endless.

Obviously, the Suns ended up lucking out with Booker, changing the fate of both Phoenix and Thunder basketball forever. Thus, we're left with only hopes and dreams of a Booker, Russ, and Durant partnership.