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Old College Yearbook Proves Kawhi Leonard Was A Fan Of The Denver Nuggets

Kawhi Denver

As the world plays the waiting game for Kawhi, folks are becoming enamored with not only his future decision but also his past. Of course, the 2x Finals MVP did not start out as an All-Star. Just like everyone else, he worked his way up and played his cards. Every step of his journey has lead to this moment -- this critical summer.

Interestingly, the delve into his past recently uncovered an unexpected bit of information about the superstar: he was a Denver Nuggets fan. NBA publisher Ariana Lenarsky recently provided the proof on Twitter, showing an old college yearbook with facts about the former Aztec legend.

Kawhi is from Southern California and went to school there until he entered the NBA where he played for the Spurs (and the Toronto) for the first eight years of his career. His connection to the Nuggets is not quite clear.

As for any Denver fans hoping this makes a difference in free agency, that possibility is unlikely. Not only does Kawhi have his eyes set on Los Angeles, but the Nuggets (as presently constructed) do not have enough cap space for a max slot to get him.

Still, it is interesting how highly he thought of the Nuggets at some point. His feelings have most likely changed since then -- will they change again?