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One Key Observation From Wednesday's Laker Game Could Be Hinting At An L.A. Super Team


With a record of 2-2, the Los Angeles Lakers haven't been attrociously bad. They haven't been super good either.

For L.A. though, they know they won't be winning a championship in 2018. This season is all about the young guys and making sure they develop into dependable All-Stars.

But if they had the opportunity to acquire, say, Paul George and LeBron James next summer, they'd throw all that away for the chance to make it happen. And even though it seems like a long-shot, one NBA reporter noticed something subtle at the Laker game on Wednesday that could hint at something big to come.

On Fox Sport's Undisputed, Chris Brousard announced yesterday that he saw Rich Paul (LeBron James' agent) and Leon Rose (Paul George's agent) watching the game at Staples the night before.

Coincidence? Maybe, or maybe not.

True, Agents going to NBA games is no rarity. But for both agents whose big-name clients happen to be free agents together next summer to be attending the game in person that night could be something a little more than coincidence.

Could an L.A. superteam really be possible?

Lonzo, Ingram, Julius, Kuzma. The Lakers young core is thought to be heavy with potential. Still, the Lakers would have no issues making some deals if it meant they could acquire two superstars come July. Both James and George have the option to hit the Free-Agent market next season, and both of their teams were considered underdogs going into seasons. The two teaming up in L.A. together certainly makes some sense if they want to beat the Warriors.

And besides, who doesn't want to be in Los Angeles?

Admittedly, a Laker union of this fashion is more than a stretch. At this point, things may have already moved on. But who knows, the NBA has surprised us before. Sometimes, coincidences aren't coincidental at all.