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One Of The First Take Hosts Drop A Loud Fart As Max Kellerman And Stephen A. Smith Try To Keep A Straight Face

Credit: ESPN

Credit: ESPN

You can see anything on Live TV, even when it is about sports and people are just debating about what is the biggest dynasty in American major sports. On Monday’s edition of ESPN’s First Take, Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Marcus Spears were debating which dynasty was bigger, the Chicago Bulls of Michael Jordan or the New England Patriots of Tom Brady.

At the 4.10 mark, while Spears was talking about the Los Angeles Lakers and how they assembled a very good team with Shaq and Kobe, somebody dropped a fart too loud to not notice it.

It was an awkward moment and the worst part was Smith and Kellerman’s faces, visibly struggling to remain calmed and with a straight face. All the debate lost its importance after that, with fans only focusing on that noisy fart and the faces of the hosts of the show.

As usual, everybody was speculating on who was responsible, but we’ll never know. However, last year, Kellerman starred in a very similar moment and some of the comments are pointing out to him as the one who dropped that bomb.