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‘One Respected Veteran’ And ‘One Young, Talented Player’ Could Team Up With Durant And Irving On The Brooklyn Nets

(via Celtics Wire -

(via Celtics Wire -

Nobody was shocked when Kevin Durant left the Golden State Warriors. But to join the Brooklyn Nets? Nobody saw that one coming.

No doubt, the Nets' location in New York City played into their attractiveness, but so, too, did their ambition.

Brooklyn's desire for star power is the worst kept secret in the league. Since signing Durant and Kyrie this past summer, the Nets have been on the hunt for opportunities to improve -- and folks are interested. Apparently, at least one veteran and one "young, talented" player want to join the star duo in Brooklyn.

“I think it’s silly to speculate until there is something more concrete to talk about, but since you asked: I know that there is at least one respected veteran and one young, talented player who have significant interest in joining Durant and Irving in Brooklyn,” Begley said, via SB Nation’s Nets Daily. “Both players’ contract situations would make a move to Brooklyn feasible. Of course, there’s a wide gap between players having interest in Brooklyn and actually ending up in Brooklyn. But I think the Nets will have plenty of attractive options to consider this summer when the club looks to add to its roster.”

With the team headed in the right direction, and their hunger for a Chip clearly strong, why wouldn't the Nets be among the most desirable teams this summer?

As for which players, specifically, are rumors to have an interest -- that much is still a mystery. All we know is that some good players are intrigued and that's all that really matters anyway because so long as they've got Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving together, the Brooklyn Nets will always be a team to fear.