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Only 5 Pairs Of Teammates Have Ever Recorded A Triple Double In The Same Game

Only 5 Pairs Of Teammates Have Ever Recorded A Triple Double In The Same Game

A triple-double is an incredible feat in the NBA, there are some players in the league such as Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook that can achieve it week in and week out. However, in the history of the NBA, it’s very rare to see two players from one side who have both had a triple-double in the same game.

As a matter of fact, it’s only ever happened a total of five times in the past 55 years with the last time it ever happening over 11 years ago in 2007. Vince Carter and Jason Kidd both had triple-doubles in a home game for the New Jersey Nets against the Washington Wizards.

20 years before that, the iconic Celtics duo of Larry Bird and Robert Parrish had a triple-double each in an 18-point win against the 76ers. The Celtics would go on to make the NBA Finals that season where they would be defeated by the Los Angeles Lakers led by Magic Johnson.

Bird’s direct rival in Magic Johnson also achieved a triple-double with another teammate in the same game, five years earlier in 1982 in a Lakers and Pistons match. Magic and Kareem are two of the biggest names in Lakers history and the two made it a night to remember against the Pistons with both having a triple-double each.

Before the Magic and Bird era back in 1969, the Seattle SuperSonics had both Lenny Wilkens and Art Harris making a triple-double each in a win against the Rockets. Wilkens had an especially big game with 36 points along with 14 rebounds and assists each to go with it.

In 1964, over 50 years ago now, Pistons duo Ray Scott and Donnie Butcher had a triple-double each in a home game against the Knicks.

These are the only 5 teammate pairs who have achieved a triple-double each on the same night proving how difficult of a feat that it really is.

Five games in last 55 years where teammates have scored a triple-double each.

After a great research by NBA fans, follow the link that we published today. It is the full list with 9 pairs of teammates that have ever recorded a triple-double in the same game.

UPDATE: 9 Pairs Of Teammates Have Ever Recorded A Triple Double In The Same Game

4/7/2007: Washington Wizards @ New Jersey Nets - Vince Carter 46 points/16 rebounds/10 assists & Jason Kidd 10 points/16 rebounds/18 assists

3/29/1987: Philadelphia 76ers @ Boston Celtics - Larry Bird 17 points/13 rebounds/12 assists & Robert Parrish 14 points/10 rebounds/10 assists

1/22/1982: Detroit Pistons @ Los Angeles Lakers - Magic Johnson 26 points/16 rebounds/12 assists & Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 19 points/10 rebounds/10 blocks

3/12/1969: Seattle SuperSonics @ San Diego Rockets - Lenny Wilkens 36 points/14 rebounds/14 assists & Art Harris 14 points/10 rebounds/10 assists

3/14/1964: New York Knicks @ Detroit Pistons - Ray Scott 23 points/20 rebounds/11 assists & Donnie Butcher 19 points/15 rebounds/15 assists