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Oscar Robertson On Russell Westbrook With The Lakers: "He's A Great Athlete... He'll Figure It Out."

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Russell Westbrook Wants The Lakers To Accept The Challenge: “When Everybody’s Playing The Los Angeles Lakers, We’re Going To Get Everybody’s Best Shot"

Russell Westbrook hasn't been a perfect fit on the Los Angeles Lakers, despite his solid individual stats. The team is 16-16, and they haven't looked like a championship contender this season whatsoever.

Legend Oscar Robertson has recently commented on Russell Westbrook's Lakers stint and gave a fair assessment. Robertson claimed that there are both good and bad things that have come from his time on the Lakers, but added that he thinks Westbrook will "figure it out".

I think there's some things Russ is doing that's great, some things he's doing that's not so great. He's gonna figure it out. He's a good athlete. Smart athletes always figure out the best way to get there. I think he has some ways to go, the whole some ways to go to be honest.

There is no question that some of the things that Russell Westbrook is doing on the court are extremely beneficial. His ability to be a ballhandler and thus reduce the offensive load on LeBron James was the reason that the Los Angeles Lakers traded for him. However, it is fair to criticize some of the things that come with Westbrook being on the court, such as his huge amount of turnovers. Regardless, as Robertson stated, Westbrook is a fantastic player who will likely figure out his fit within the offense in the future.

We'll see how well the Los Angeles Lakers will do going forward in the season. There have been people who have suggested that they'll end up making it work and going on a run like any other LeBron James-led team. With that being said, there's a lot of work ahead for them if they want to improve. A lot of people have criticized Russell Westbrook's fit on the team, and the upcoming weeks will allow him to prove that he and LeBron James can coexist on a championship team.