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"Other Executives Have Said If They Can’t Get The Best Deal The Rockets May Say You Have To Take John Wall Or Eric Gordon With James Harden," Says Brian Windhorst

(via The Dream Shake)

(via The Dream Shake)

The 2020-21 season draws closer by the day and the more that the Rockets resist trading James Harden, the more it seems like they're trying to avoid the inevitable.

Even with John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins, it's fair to say their title window has closed as an organization -- and Harden wants to part.

So, with increasing pressure to start fresh and part ways with their disgruntled star, the Rockets may have to settle for a Plan B if they can't get what they want in a Harden trade.

According to Brian Windhorst, that plan could involve making teams take on either Wall or Gordon if they want James...

(via ESPN's Brian Windhorst)

"The first time Houston ever said no to James Harden was when he asked to be traded to Brooklyn’. - ‘I was speaking to a former Rockets staffer yesterday and he said of course he’s going to act up. He’s never heard the word no before.

‘This isn’t a deal you make today, but other executives have said if they can’t get the best deal they may say you have to take John Wall or Eric Gordon with Harden."

Getting two max contracts off the books is obviously a great thing for the Rockets, but it might be asking too much for teams to take on over $75 million in salary at once.

Not only is it hard to match in a trade deal, but it would require a team to either gut much of their roster or send their own max-salary player in return. Is that really the right thing to do for a 31-year-old Harden (who has a disappointing record of success in the playoffs) and a player in Wall or Gordon that is already drastically overpaid?

Needless to say, it's a tough sell and goes to show just how much the Rockets value their superstar guard.