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P.J. Tucker Gets Real After Winning Game 3: "I Didn't Know What I Had, But I Was Going To Give Them Everything I Did Have..."

P.J. Tucker

Now just two wins away from a trip to the NBA Finals, Heat veteran P. J. Tucker didn't brag about his success after the Game 3 win. Instead, showed humility and insisted he was "all-in" on Heat Culture.

Here's what he said to reporters after his 17-point night:

"You never know when you're going to get back here...I told guys tonight I didn't know what I had, but I was going to give them everything I did have... It's just part of our culture."

Tucker has been here before. Last season, with the Bucks, he played an important role in that 20021 Championship run. Now, in Miami, he stands just two wins away from the Finals. Best of all, he gets to buy into the famous 'Heat culture' that keeps them going year after year:

"If I hear ‘Heat Culture’ one more time, I’m going to lose my mind," said Tucker on the Heat. "Heat Culture? You can name a million things. I love that the Heat have bought into it and are like, ‘This is our culture.’ It’s being a [expletive]. It’s being one of the guys. It’s having love for it. Being a hard worker. Being hard-nosed. Putting your nose out there and leaving it out there for your team. That’s all it is and wanting players like that. It’s just dudes that really lay it on the line every night, not being a prima donna, not caring about stuff that other people care about. But really caring about winning and leaving it out there for your teammates. That is all it is."

It's amazing what Pat Riley and the front office have built. Somehow, the franchise has a system that allows everyone to be held accountable and all teammates to support each other.

Now, they are on the verge of greatness again that could validate their mindset and approach to the game. Until then, they will keep on playing and sacrificing for each other when it counts the most.