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Pascal Siakam Surprises His Mom With A House For Mother's Day: 'You Didn't Have A House, Didn't Have A Family Home. And I Just Felt This Is For You. This Is Your House.'


The 2021 Mother's Day was a special event for several players around the league. Karl-Anthony Towns spent another special day without his mother, Jalen Rose was without his mother and grandmother, and more. 

Other players took advantage of having their mothers still around and spent a perfect day with them. LeBron James took to social media to celebrate his mom, and Pascal Siakam did the same, but he had bigger plans in mind for this Sunday. 

The Toronto Raptors star took to Instagram to share the enormous gift he had ready for his mother. He went off and bought her a new house, dedicating some big words to her and praising all the hard work she did to take her son where he is right now. 

"Happy birthday and happy Mother's Day to the Queen herself! Thank you for always being there for all of us and being the super mom you are," he wrote on Instagram. 

"With dad being gone, we haven't been able to call a place home and it was always my dream to change that!" he wrote in the caption. 

"Feeling blessed that I can offer this to you and our family. Can't wait to make new memories there as a family!," continued the 2019 NBA Champion, including the hashtags "#RIPDad" and "#DoingItForYou."

This was a very meaningful date for these two, given all the things they had to go through to be where they are. Siakam has become a good NBA player, has won awards and even the NBA title, always with his mom by his side. 

He's making sure to put a smile on her face and remind her that if it wasn't for Victoire, he wouldn't be here, being a big name in the NBA.