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Patrick Beverley And Lou Williams Deny Reports Of Chemistry Problems For The Clippers



Earlier this week, a report from The Athletic claimed that some members of the Clippers roster are feeling uncomfortable with the supposed preferential treatment they give to their two stars Paul George and Kawhi Leonard over other players on the team.

In light of an up-and-down season, it's just another thing to be concerned about in regards to this Clippers team.

But for veterans Patrick Beverley and Lou Williams, the reports of uneasiness did not sit well as both took to Twitter to deny the story themselves.

They weren't the only ones. L.A. big man Patrick Patterson also voiced his objections to the report in a series of posts on Instagram.

It seems that whatever is plaguing the locker room in L.A., if anything at all, the CLippers are not willing to acknowledge it -- or maybe they already have... Earlier this season, Montrezl Harrell gave an interesting perspective on the locker-room chemistry, hinting that there may be serious issues for the team.

Whatever is happening behind the scenes in Clipperland, they better get it together quick. With the mid-season grind in full swing and the playoffs fast approaching, they can't afford to have a broken locker room, not with all the other teams dominating the NBA.