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Patrick Beverley Appears To Mock Jeff Green's Shoulder Injury After Green Exits The Game

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(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

Patrick Beverley is known as a passionate NBA player and defender. Beverley is fairly physical on the defensive end, not afraid to sacrifice his body in order to make great plays. Despite Beverley playing some inspiring basketball times, there are times where it seems as though he is pushing it too far.

Recently, there have been videos of an incident between Patrick Beverley and Jeff Green. During the recent game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Clippers, Beverley set a hard foul that resulted in Jeff Green getting a shoulder contusion.

After Jeff Green exits the game with his injury, we see Patrick Beverley hold his shoulder, as if to mock Green's own injured shoulder. Patrick Beverley was also the cause of the injury, as he set an illegal screen on Green during the play. Jeff Green is one of the most respected veterans in the league and it is unlike him to fake an injury. Patrick Beverley has a history of making dangerous plays, such as the ones depicted in the videos below.

While Green may just be pushing hard to get an advantage on the opponent, at some point, there is a line you do not cross. Injuring other players isn't okay in any sport. While Patrick Beverley is known to make gambles on plays, there are times where you have to think of the other player's safety.

Patrick Beverley is undoubtedly a good defender, but this isn't a good look for him, especially with a history of making dangerous plays. Mocking an injured player is terrible, especially when you've caused the injury. Hopefully, Jeff Green won't be gone for a long time and is fully healthy when he returns.