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Patrick Beverley Delivers A Message After Big Loss Against The Lakers

(via Clips Nation)

(via Clips Nation)

Patrick Beverley is usually one of the loudest players on the court. On Sunday, with his team getting bodied by the Lakers, he was a little more reserved than usual. Considering he dropped just 2 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 turnovers on 33% shooting, it makes sense why.

When he did speak, it wasn't to own up to his awful performance.

After the game, Bev made it a point to say Bron was "no challenge" to guard and that it’s “not hard at all" despite James going off for 28 points on 7-of-17 shooting, 9 assists, and seven rebounds.

But that wasn't all. He took to Twitter shortly after that comment to let people know where his focus was and to, seemingly, deemphasize the importance of last night's loss.

It is true that basketball is just a game and it should never come first. But, considering the circumstances, it is pretty clear that Bev was going out of his way to tell the world that one of his team's biggest losses of the season was, in fact, no big deal at all.

The fact is, the Clippers lost and Beverley probably put on his worst performance of the season. In the grand scheme of life, that doesn't mean anything. But in the basketball world, it can draw some very serious implications.

The Clippers, just like any team, have to face it.