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Patrick Beverley Dismisses Claims The Minnesota Timberwolves Did Him Wrong: "Took Me 5 Months To Make $13M... They Did Me Right."

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"Pat Bev Said The Next 5 Years Are Mine And Got Traded 5 Times": NBA Fan Roasts Patrick Beverley After He Was Traded To The Jazz

Patrick Beverley is viewed as one of the best defensive guards in basketball, and there's no doubt that he is an impactful point guard despite his limited offensive skillset. He notably helped the Minnesota Timberwolves make the playoffs this year after the team advanced through the play-in tournament.

Despite his contributions to the team, the Minnesota Timberwolves elected to trade Patrick Beverley in a trade that got them All-Star Rudy Gobert. Some people have suggested that the team "did him wrong" because they traded him right after the team's first playoff appearance since 2018.

Recently, Patrick Beverley claimed that the Timberwolves actually did him "right", stating that it only took him 5 months to make $13 million. He is obviously referring to the one-year contract extension he got from the team.

I got there in September...took me 5 months to make $13M. I wouldn't say they did me wrong I say they did me right. Appreciate Minnesota. I appreciate Minnesota man.

The Minnesota Timberwolves will likely be trying to make a deep playoff run after their win-now move for Rudy Gobert. Karl-Anthony Towns has notably claimed that it's "championship or bust" for the team as of right now, and they will certainly be a powerhouse in the Western Conference. Their contending chances will hinge on the development of Anthony Edwards, who has superstar potential. Even if he doesn't become a superstar, the future is bright for the Minnesota Timberwolves, and they'll be a good team for years to come.

As for Patrick Beverley, he is on a rebuilding team in the Utah Jazz, and there is a chance that he gets bought out by the team. Perhaps he can then join a competitive playoff team, and his skillset is particularly useful for those types of teams, as defense is extremely important in the postseason.