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Patrick Beverley Gets Hit With Dwight Powell's Elbow, But He Stands Up And Flexes To The Crowd

Dwight Powell Hits Patrick Beverley With His Elbow, But He Stands Up And Flexes To The Crowd

Patrick Beverley is known for being a total pest on defense, there is no one better than him at getting into the heads of his opponents and making life uncomfortable for them. He has made his career in the NBA based on that, and every team he has been a part of has loved him for it. Since his move to the Minnesota Timberwolves, he has brought that same energy to the team, as he showed against the Mavericks on Friday. 

The Timberwolves needed to win this game against a really good Mavs team to keep their hopes of making it to an automatic playoff spot alive. And they delivered when it mattered the most, pulling away in the 3rd quarter to cement the win. A crucial point in the game happened in that run during the 3rd quarter, where the Mavs could've cut into the lead but weren't allowed to by Beverley. 

Dwight Powell got the ball deep in the post and seemed primed to score before Beverley blocked him. Powell managed to get the ball back and tip it out to Luka Doncic who made a three. Just before the shot was taken though, Beverley drew a foul from Powell, which gave the ball back to the Wolves. In classic PatBev fashion, he got up after the foul and flexed in front of Powell and the Minnesota fans. 

This is classic Patrick Beverley, and he was a thorn in the Mavericks' side all day long. His rivalry with Luka Doncic seems to be alive and kicking too, considering that Doncic waved goodbye to Bev after the Mavs beat the Wolves in their previous matchup earlier in the month. 

Minnesota has needed someone with this mentality to be a part of the team for a while and Beverley's impact can be seen in the win column for a team that has often struggled to play winning basketball. If he can help them win a playoff series, Bev might just become even more of a fan-favorite in Minnesota than he already is.