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Patrick Beverley Interrupted Michelle Roberts Repeatedly, When She Asked If She Could Continue Speaking, Beverley Responded; “No, I Pay Your Salary.”

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Patrick Beverley reportedly made very questionable comments to NBPA's executive director Michelle Roberts and was called out for his disrespectful behavior. Once again, Beverley's big mouth caused him trouble but this time off the court.

The NBA and the players were working to find a solution to the potential strike of the 2020 playoffs and several people had the chance to talk about the ramifications of canceling the remainder of the postseason.

Yahoo Sports' Chris Haynes reported that while Mrs. Roberts was speaking, Beverley continued interrupting her before making a terrible remark.

Michele Roberts, the executive director of the players union, asked to have the floor to speak about the financial ramifications of leaving Orlando.

While she was going over the numbers, Clippers guard Patrick Beverley abruptly interrupted her, saying he disagreed with her logic, sources said. Roberts kindly reiterated that these were potential losses the players would suffer, and Beverley interrupted again.

Roberts asked politely if she could continue with her point, and Beverley responded, “No, I pay your salary,” sources said.

This caused an uproar with Paul, Haslem and others, who intervened and told Beverley that disrespect would not be tolerated, sources said.

It's curious that Beverley was one of those advocating for equality and now treats a woman who has worked hard to have the position she has right now, with this disrespect. Fortunately, other players were quick to call him out. He has been known for having a big mouth on the court and doing nothing to back up all his talk. Apparently, that has transcended the hardwoods now.

Luckily for everybody, the league and the players found a solution to this issue and now we're ready to see the return of the playoffs.