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Patrick Beverley On Stopping Damian Lillard in The Clutch: “First Team All-Defense! First Team!"

Patrick Beverley

Patrick Beverley is, well, not your average NBA player. The Minnesota Timberwolves guard has made a name for himself in the league with his ferocious energy on the court coupled with his ability to defend well regardless of the player in front of him.

Beverley proved his worth in the Timberwolves' recent victory over the Portland Trail Blazers. With both teams struggling to string together a winning streak, it was a crucial game for them. After the final buzzer, the Timberwolves walked out as the winners, with Pat Bev playing a crucial role towards the end of the game.

During the fourth quarter with less than a minute left, the Blazers of course trusted Lillard with the ball. When Lillard tried to break free with the ball, Beverley matched him step by step and snatched the ball away from him. Thanks to that defensive effort from Beverley, the Timberwolves shut down any chances of the Blazers making a comeback.

Pat Bev was aware of the importance of that play and he let everyone know about it. After stealing the ball from Lillard, he apparently shouted, "First team all-defense! First team."

Upon seeing this passion from Beverley, NBA fans reacted to his claims. Here are some of the best comments by fans on the post by the Facebook page "NBA Buzz."

Vincent Hipol: "Id be cool with Bev if he didnt injure WB."

Benjie Pholax: "This kind of attitude every team or die and now or never style of Pat is unique...courage to win the game is important to him.."

Sherwin Riga: "Beverley had been taking care of business to handle down Dame and he's getting aggressive to clamp him with his own defense. It's great to see Beverley taking a strong scorer like Dame on notice and he'll never stop until he's gonna prove hard that he's good at it! Great words to take Dame personally, Beverley!"

Kevan Pierson: "Being on a team with a losing record won't get him a damn thing this season. In fact, Patrick is barely playing quality minutes when it matters most."

Boka Mabaso: "You can hate pat bev for his antics, but you can't deny that he's passionate about what he does on the defensive side of basketball."

Ken Kpanou: "Pat Beverley talks a lot and a bit too much but u gotta recognize that he is one of the best defender of the League on shooters."

Rigo Arrabi: "The next five years is for him."

Darek Jankowicz: "I would expect Him to shut the f up. You're nowhere close to First Team All Defense, bro. "Passion" is not enough."

Nick Pyle: "He pushed Chris Paul in the back. He is a dirty player."

Mar Casitas: "We can't deny his one of the best defender in this league."

Isaac Raymer: "Hahahaha oh my god this is so f*****g hilarious lololol undeniably one of the most comical posts I’ve ever observed on social media haha lol."

Ryan Smith: "He wouldnt do that every game though. Hes a good defender. But let's be real dame has been playing bad this season. He was doing s**t like that before last night.

Ryan Baker: "These guys are so obsessed with individual honours."

Jerome Nasam: "Im a fan of this man... i just appreciate how his defense is.. he is a lockdown defender.. also a short-tempered trashtalker that can affect the emotions in-game hahahaha."

Gerald TL: "I wanna see him and Draymond on the same team one day lol."

Most fans found Beverley's claims hilarious, and this is not the first time that he has made some absurd comments. He recently took a shot at Rudy Gobert and labelled himself as the DPOY.

While it is hard to see Pat Bev become the DPOY, he is still one of the most elite defenders in the league. And a team like the Timberwolves are in need of someone like him.