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Patrick Beverley Responds To Steph Curry's Hand Injury

Patrick Beverley Told Steph Curry In 2019: “The Next 5 Years Are Mine”

(via NBC Sports)

Devastating news broke for the Golden State Warriors yesterday. In the midst of a blowout loss to the Phoenix Suns (their third of the like this season alone), Steph Curry went down in the third quarter with an apparent hand injury.

Later tests revealed a broken left hand for Curry, and he is expected to miss some time.

Among a flood of support and responses from the community was Patrick Beverley, a guy who has been known for his epic battles with the 2x MVP. He took to Twitter following the injury to show his support.

Just a week ago, Beverley was caught taunting Curry and his new-look Warriors squad, telling him "You had the last five years, the next five years are mine.”

This season, the Warriors have been struggling to prove they still belong in the Championship conversation. Without Klay, Durant, and Iguodala, the team is in no shape to make such a claim.

Pat Bev was one of the first to point it out. And now, he is one of the first to drop the act and show support when a brother went down.