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Patrick Beverley Reveals What He Told His Daughter After She Got A Tech During Game: "It's A Part Of The Game..."

Patrick Beverley

Patrick Beverley is a pretty intense player. All throughout his career, the point guard has been known for his elite defense, relentless attack, and brutal trash talk. He's one of the highest-effort, no-nonsense players in basketball.

Recently, he shared a picture on his Instagram story that proves that kind of mentality runs in the family.

The photo features a conversation between Beverley and his daughter, where they talk about a tech she received during one of her games.

While Beverley is a widely hated and criticized player in the NBA community, there is no questioning his heart and passion for the game. Clearly, it's a passion that has been passed down to his kid.

Back in 2020, when Bev was still with the Clippers, he shared a bit about his upbringing and what it was that helped make him the player he is today.

“I probably would've been the best drug dealer in the world,” Beverley told ESPN. “Mouths need to be fed, you know? Coming from where I come from, I didn't have the luxury of having a trust fund. Or money from generations. Or the luxury of hoppin' into the family business, you know?” He added, “It's either hoop or you sell dope."

“I'm going to play basketball and not be in his shoes," Beverley said. “People talk about like, I don't know, sacrificial lambs and all that. And of course, I don't compare him to a lamb, but his sacrifice kind of woke up our family.” He continued, “It forced me to go hustle—the right way."

This season, Beverley has been a key member of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Thanks, in part, to play and leadership, the team has become a legitimate threat in the West. They boast a 43-32 record so far.

Whatever happens, and however it ends, you can bet that the veteran point guard will have given his all. At this stage of his career, there is no question that he is as dependable as they come.